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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

One for the worker bee...

Ok! Time to confess. Nope, I am not gay , I am a simple worker bee and proud of the same.

The worker bee in nature or an organization is responsible for taking orders, innovations and direction from their superiors bee's and simply executing them, no questions asked. I think of the SS as am exterme parallel.

I must admit, I am a worker bee of sorts by birth and by nature. My younger bro inherited the brains of the family. I remember that for his 10th grade project the guy created a graphing libary in BASIC. I on the other hand had a simple video cassette libary where people could checkin/checkout. Sadly, for the world of CS, my bro decided to head toward management and sales. If only he were in CS, we would have seen a Rod Johnson or maybe ambitiously enough, a Gosling. Sadness!!!! He had the making of an uber bee.

Me, on the other hand, I have been a hard worker all my life. I work like a maniac at times to achieve a goal. I get it wrong, I get it more wrong, but then I get it right...yep, sometimes its trial and error, no logic, just trail and error. But heh, I don't quit till its done, the worker bee in me..aah, now I am rhyming...

Some folks want a pure worker bee, a non questioning, non confrontational worker bee, incapable of revolting :-)... I must leave the alleigance of the worker bees temporarily as I cannot classsify with the herd and instead prefer to make a faction. I am a questioning worker bee. (new genus not genius). If my general or queen bee says, "Just kill them", I would ask "Why? Whats the reason? What for? How do we benefit from the same? Is there an alternative and definitely, Show me the money!!!". I am still the bee so don't abandon me just as yet :-). But yes, I am also a watchful bee, I can guage properly whose "" is on the line. If it ain't mine, I ain't gonna make a loud noise. A bee who knows his boundaries I figure.

Worker bee's are extremely valuable for any endeavour, they ensure the end goal is met. Think teamwork. Einstein or Tesla might have come up with the best of inventions to faciliate time travel, but if Mr.Worker Bee does not get the bolt in correctly, the mechanism can expect quite contrasting results :-).

We worker bee's have a very important place in any endeavour. Don't ever think less of us. We might not be major decision makers but our minor decisions can make major decisions reflect as either good or bad. Not a threat but a call for respect. Also every bee other than the top bee is a worker bee. Right?

I sadly am not very gifted, mentally or physically. I have a brain that can execute some tasks; tasks that fall in my comprehension level at the moment. I am a bee that is growing with experience. It does not mean that I cannot rise to an occasion? Does not mean, I cannot exceed your expectations at any given time? Give me time, I work hard, I will succeed..I am a worker bee. I have been in the trenches, I have been on the clouds, I am a proven bee.

Reminds me of an ole saying "Kick an old man on the butt, u know what he is! Don't kick a young man on his butt, you don't know what he'll become!" I feel people have moments of greatness all through their lives, some more than others.

Worker bee signing out here I come :-)


Vikram said...

Mr. Acharya, I would recommend you count your bee's, you might find that one of them is missing!!!!

Sanjay Acharya said...

Mr.Acharya, I guess he got stuck in the French Wax ;-)! Lol