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Monday, March 17, 2008

Plugin Dependency Management in Eclipse YOXOS

So I have said "Goodbye" to RAD. Am now working with simple eclipse with Plugins. I have always enjoyed working with the Eclipse IDE but I must confess that one of the things I have been rather disappointed with is the Eclipse update feature. When trying to update or install, I often find myself with an Eclipse Dialog stating, "X need to be installed before this plugin can be installed". Now where can I get "X" from? Maybe the error message is indicative of where the plugin is but have not seen it so far. I almost am paranoid about updating especially when I see the message to the like of "If you proceed with this updated, part or parts of the installation will be unusable"..

What I want is automatic resolution of dependencies, in order words, if "Plugin A requires Plugin B", if its obvious, go ahead an fetch Plugin B as part of the install. If "Plugin B" will cause installation problems, show me options such as:

1. Use version X.Y of Plugin A as that will work with the rest of the plugins
2. Remove Plugin X and install its latest version X.Y that will make the new plugin work

etc etc etc

I found this neat Eclipse Distro called YOXOS from the Eclipse site. This Eclipse Distro contains a very nice plugin that manages dependencies amongst plugins nicely. Additionally, its "FREE" ;-)

Once can also configure a custom version of Eclipse and use that for download or sharing. This feature is accomplished via PROFILES. There are also predefined profiles that are available for download.

So I tried to install many plugins and features and it was awesome to see the Dependency manager figure out the dependencies and provide me with an installation that was sane....

I am liking this distro a lot....maybe Eclipse 3.4 or Eclipse 4 will do something similar...Will update more based of what I find...Great going...

1 comment:

Vimal Krishnan said...

I agree with you totally on the RAD software update installation. YOXOS makes Eclipse more pretty. I will look forward using it.